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A Natural Approach to Healing

Acupuncture is a form of alternative therapy derived from ancient Chinese medicine, which has been used for over 2000 thousand years. It involves very fine needles, being inserted at certain points within the body for therapeutic or preventative benefits, promoting healing and energy flow. Acupuncture is recognised as a safe and efficient treatment and is often used to treat a wide range of health conditions and injuries such as:

Back pain

Chronic and acute pain


Joint Pain such as arthritis

Jaw pain

Tennis elbow

Achilles tendinopathy



Stress, Anxiety, depression

It takes into consideration the body as a whole and helps activate each patient’s natural healing processes as well as restoring their physical and emotional well-being. It can be used alongside other alternative therapies to enhance results. 

The benefits of Acupuncture include:

*Reduces stress, anxiety and depression via increased production of the bodies natural substances i.e. Endorphins

*Improves sleep by increasing relaxation levels

*Alleviation of acute and chronic pain by stimulating the bodies production of natural pain killers

*Reduces inflammation 

*Enhances the bodies natural healing process

*Enhances the bodies immune system, helping to fight off infection

*Improves mobility

*Benefits to women's health, including reducing the symptoms of Menopause, menstrual issues such as menstrual cramps, irregular menstruation and Amenorrhoea, infertility

*Reduces the symptoms of cancer such as pain and reduces the side effects of cancer treatment.

Treatment pricing:

Initial Acupuncture: 60 mins £48

(Includes full consultation/assessment and full treatment bespoke to your needs)

Acupuncture follow up: 45 mins £38

(Includes reassessment of last treatment and full treatment)

Acupuncture and massage combined: 75 mins £58

(Includes consultation/assessment, massage and acupuncture treatment bespoke to your needs, 75 minutes of holistic heaven)

Acupuncture: Welcome
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